How To Prep Your Pup When You're Expecting

How To Prep Your Pup When You're Expecting

There’s a lot you can expect when you’re expecting. And if you have a pup you can expect to teach them a few things to prepare for the baby. Here’s some things to do:


Your pup will need to know certain set of manners when the baby comes. This means no barking late, no jumping, no nipping. Make sure your pup knows the skill they need.

New Skills

If you’re puppy is already good with basic commands and behavioral rules, it might be good to introduce some new things like Hand Targeting, in case they’re timid around the baby, or “Go Away” if they can’t get enough of the baby.


Babies touch and when they do they often latch on for dear life. Get your puppy used to baby-style handling by beginning to introduce light ear tugging and skin pulling. 

Lifestyle Changes

You’re going to be busy taking care of the newest member of the family, which means there’s going to be some changes made in the house. Get your pup prepared in advance for some of them.

Introduce The New

Along with the baby, there’s going to be lots of new sights, smells, toys and sounds. Introduce them to your pup now so they can acclimate before the baby comes.

Keep The Old

Just because you have a baby on the way doesn’t mean things have to change between you and your pup. Play games together, go on refreshing walks, take naps and enjoy each other’s company.

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