How to Feed My Puppy? How Often to Feed My Puppy? What Should I Feed My Puppy?

How to Feed My Puppy

Learning how much to feed, and how often to feed your puppy, and what to feed are some of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to getting your puppy off to the right start. Here are some tips to get you started. 

How to Feed My Puppy?

Feeding your puppy can be an entertaining experience. It’s also one of the most essential parts about caring for a young dog. That’s why it’s important to set up some good feeding habits. Here are some guidelines to get you started. 
Place your puppy’s food and water dishes away from foot traffic and noise, in a place that is comfortable and easy for him to reach. A plastic mat or newspaper under the dishes will make cleanup easier and provide a nice space for feeding your puppy.

How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

How many times a day you feed your puppy can depend on his age. If he is under 6 months old, it’s ideal to feed your puppy three times a day. When your puppy is over six months old, you should change scheduled feedings to twice a day—preferably at the same time every day. 

What Should I Feed My Puppy?

The answer to what you should feed your puppy depends on several factors. The first year is critical to your puppy’s development. During this time, your puppy needs the best possible nutrition to provide strong bones and teeth, proper development of body functions, clear eyes and a thick, lustrous coat. At certain times during this period of growth and development, a puppy may require up to twice the amount of some nutrients (per pound of body weight) than an adult dog. Other factors such as your puppy’s age, size, and if he has special needs all play into the decision of what you should feed your puppy. 

Purina Puppy Chow has several formulas that are 100% complete and balanced for growing puppies. For help in selecting what to feed your puppy, go here to find out more. You can also talk with your veterinarian to help you select the right food for your puppy.

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