When to Switch to Adult Dog Food

When To Switch From Puppy Food to Dog Food

Switching from puppy food to adult food is an exciting moment for your dog as it means he has reached his adult size. 

It’s common to be uncertain about when to transition your puppy to an adult food. With the rapid growth that takes place in puppyhood, he may look like an adult dog at just a few months old; however, if he is not yet fully grown, he may still benefit from puppy-specific nutrition. An important factor to consider in determining when to make the switch from puppy food to adult food is the size of your dog.

Smaller breeds reach physical maturity earlier than larger breed dogs. Small-breed dogs that will grow to be 30 pounds or less when they are fully grown usually reach maturity around a year of age and should begin the transition to adult dog food at that point. 

Medium-sized dogs that will weigh between 30 and 50 pounds when fully grown will mature between 12 to 14 months. A large breed puppy is expected to weigh more than 50 pounds as an adult, and he may not mature until he is 2 years old. He should continue to be fed puppy food like Purina Puppy Chow for Large Breed Puppies until his second birthday.

When switching, to an adult dog food consider the nutritional needs of your dog. At Purina Dog Chow, our mission is to provide your dog with the nutrition he needs to be his best every day. Use our product selector tool find out more and the help determine the best formula to help keep your dog strong.

Once the adult formula is selected, introduce your dog to the new food gradually, to help avoid digestive upset. Gradually mix the new food with their current food over the course of seven to ten days until the transition is complete. 

As puppies transition to adulthood, you may need to adjust the amount of food they are eating. Check out our feeding guidelines to help determine the right amount of food to feed your dog.

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