Choosing the Right Dog Food

Choosing The Right Dog food

How do you know which dog food is right for your dog? Finding a complete and balanced dog food that’s healthy, tasty and fits your lifestyle, is as easy as remembering your ABC’s!

Depending on the life stage of your dog, he will have different nutritional needs. Just like babies, puppies need a food that supports their healthy growth and development. Once your puppy is 1 year old (2 years old for large breeds), it’s time to switch to an adult dog food. Then, once your dog celebrates his 7th birthday (5th for large breeds), he can benefit from a dog food that is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of senior dogs. So, the first step is to find a dog food that will provide the nutrition your dog needs for his age. 

Breed Size
Large breed puppies, those that will weigh over 50lbs, reach maturity later (around 2 years of age), and have special nutritional needs. So, depending on the breed of your puppy, he may need a food specially formulated for larger puppies.

Your dog’s shape and weight (Body Condition) and activity level, also play a role in his nutritional needs. For example, you may want to feed an overweight dog a food that contains fewer calories per cup, while a highly active, hardworking dog will need a food with more calories per cup. 

You want your dog to enjoy his food, so make sure he thinks it’s delicious! Dog food comes in many varieties, so look for the taste, texture and kibble size your dog loves.

These are some of the basics when selecting the appropriate food for your dog. Use our product selector to help you get started!

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