Which Breed Is Right For Your Family?

Once you decide to become a dog family, it’s time to find out which breed fits your family’s needs and personality. If you’re getting a puppy, make sure to think long term- all puppies are cute, but as adults they are all very different. 

Use our Family Dog Finder to find out which breeds will fit in with your family’s personality and lifestyle. Keep in mind:

  • Is there Rhyme to Your Reason? Make sure the type of dog you want fits the reason you are getting a dog. For example, a toy poodle won’t be a good running partner, and a high-energy hunting dog won’t be happy if you’re a homebody.
  • The Great Debate: Purebred vs. Mixed Breeds. With a Purebred, you know what you’re getting, as most dogs of a given breed have similar qualities. Mixed breeds can have desirable qualities from many breeds, and are often more affordable.
  • How Much Time Does Your Family Have? A dog’s personality, learning rate, grooming needs and energy level all impact the amount of time and attention he needs. 
  • Make a Family Decision. Think about how the dog will interact with everyone in the house, and take into account what everyone wants in a new dog.
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